East Brunswick
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  • Congress has formed a congressional committee to examine the U.S. Constitution and the purposes of government.
  • The students will prepare and testify before the simulated congressional committee as expert witnesses on the Constitution.


  • Form teams: 3-6 students for each of the units.
  • Each team works collaboratively to prepare answers to all the questions for the unit.
  • Students review materials in the We the People textbook and research other material prepare 4-minute written responses to the questions for each unit and get ready to answer follow-up questions
  • The teacher selects 3 people (other teachers, administrators, or members from the community) to serve as “legislators” or judges for each unit

Hearing (10 minutes per question)

  • Teams of students orally respond to questions (notes can be used) for 4 minutes.
  • members ask students follow-up questions and students respond (no notes allowed) for 6 minutes.
  • Panel members assess the prepared oral presentation and the responses to the follow-up questions using the rubrics